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Onboard Wallet is the simplest and most secure self-custody wallet built by the same team that brought you Bundle.


Get ready for your crypto card

Store and trade over 10,000 assets

Fast InstantPay when you sell.

Why Onboard wallet?

Store and Trade Over 10,000 Digital Assets

Access an extensive range of cryptocurrencies you won't find on centralised exchanges.

Spend Your Crypto Anywhere

Soon you'll be able to spend your crypto as easily as cash in your bank account with our Onboard Virtual Card.

Onboard Wallet is Trust Wallet meets Bundle

With Onboard Wallet, you have the simplicity of a custodial wallet and control of a self-custody wallet. You are in full control of your assets, and we cannot access or move your funds.

Your crypto to cash in minutes

You can convert your crypto to your local currency and back again in just a few minutes.

24/7 Human Support

Need help importing your wallet from Bundle? Don't worry! You'll get human support whenever you need it. Onboard Wallet is the first self-custody wallet with 24/7 support.

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